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Building Process.


So you've got your site and your ready to take the next step, but not sure what to do next.  Contact Gourlay Homes Ltd and we will guide you through the Building Process.  We have made this easy for you by listing our process below to to help you.

Building Process

Step 1.  Consultation with Gourlay Homes Ltd - Discuss requirements, plans, site and budget.


Step 2.  Existing plans available with standard chattle list or choose from existing or customise to suite your needs.  A fee is charged for customised plans.  This fee will go towards your total build cost if you proceed to build with Gourlay Homes Ltd.


Step 3.  An estimate quote prepared.


Step 4.  On confirmation of a final plan - final quote and contract prepared.


Step 5.  A standard 10 year Master Build Guarantee and Registered Master Builders Federation Residential Building Contract will be prepared, and upon signing these contracts a deposit will be required.


Step 6.  Plans and specifications  drawn and submitted to your local council for approval to build.


Step 7.  Once plans and specifications to build are approved, we will begin the building process.  Construction insurance with NZI will be undertaken by Gourlay Homes Ltd for the total building period.


Step 8.  Staged payments as per the Registered Master Builders Federation Residential Building Contract will be invoiced through- out the building process.


Step 9.  Once completed and all local council requirements have been met, an inspection of the property with the owner will be under-taken, and on payment of final invoice the owner will be handed their keys to their new home.  As per the Registered Master Builders Residential Building Contract there will be a 31 day maintenance period.


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